User Experience Monitoring

The GC had adopted to the reality of a remote workforce by changing policies and network configurations while increasing the use of SaaS and IaaS. With these changes, the GC has limited ability to support remote workforce IT issues and ensure all users are provided with an exceptional experience when onsite or working remotely. To combat these challenges, we supply self-healing and visibility into the end user experience of every Enterprise Data Centre, Cloud, SaaS, thick client, or enterprise mobile app in your organization’s portfolio, running on any physical, virtual, or mobile device.

Our solution does this from the enduser’s view, without the need to instrument hosted applications in Enterprise Data Centres, IaaS or SaaS.

Automatic Discovery

Automatically discover EVERY Application within your enterprise, track actual usage, and provide a score for App performance and health, based on crashes, hangs, errors, page load time, and wait time.

Click to Render

Tracks what users ACTUALLY see when they interact with applications in a business workflow. Aternity shows you response time breakdown between client device, network, and application back end, so you can resolve issues fast.

Change Validation

Compare end user experience before and after any type of change – to devices, applications, or infrastructure, so you can ensure that changes result in better service.



Create, modify, and expand your Aternity library of automation scripts to automatically resolve the most common device or user issues.

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