Network Traffic Control

As Government organizations continue to modernize their applications critical to the success of its business, nothing is more frustrating than complaints about apps that don’t perform as expected. Increasingly applications used by GC organizations consume greater bandwidth, including many that may not be business-critical, such as social media, Webmail, video, and games. Unchecked recreational and personal traffic can have a significant impact on business application performance over the WAN and the Internet, impairing quality of experience for enterprise customers and employees, as well as reducing productivity.

Using our network traffic control solutions, GC organizations can control the performance of critical applications and provide a better user experience.

This control capability:

  • Allows you to know and control everything that is on your network
  • Assures and protects network service and application delivery
  • Empowers informed, data-driven decisions with business analytics
  • Provides control of recreational traffic and prevents abuse of corporate resources
  • Identifies and solves problems before they escalate with real- time traffic monitoring for increased operational efficiency
  • Identifies and manages apps and devices that create potential security risks

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