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  • The rapid adoption of cloud services has created an explosion in new complexity and unmanaged risk. 
  • Nearly all successful attacks on cloud services are the result of customer misconfiguration, mismanagement and mistakes.
  • As organizations assume ownership of their cloud environment, they must ensure its continuous compliance to standards and guardrails. 
  • Organizations are responsible for their cloud native security and need to apply threat prevention consistently, in dynamic and scalable multi-cloud environments.

How Click Networks is addressing Cloud Native Security Requirements

Cloud security requires a unified and integrated approach to deliver the address cyber threats.  Our Cloud Native Security Platform (CNSP) and Cloud Visibility Solutions provide organizations with confidence as they modernize their networks and applications into the cloud.




NOTICE!!  Shared Services Canada has issued Click Networks a Supply Arrangement (SA) vehicle for Bitglass’s CASB, fully tested and assessed by CCCS for Protected B SaaS.

Organizations are adopting a series of both managed and unmanaged cloud-based applications. At the same time, we have users’ devices moving outside of corporate control.  The result is a big security and compliance concern that traditional on-prem security controls cannot solve.

Multi-mode Next-Gen CASB deliver management, security and Zero-Day protection. CASBs dynamically adapt to deliver protection for known and unknown data leakage risks and malware threats, on any app. Multi-mode CASBs have dual architectures and can operate in agent-based or agentless mode. Agentless mode enables rapid deployment, and is fully interoperable with existing infrastructure such as Secure Web Gateways.

Key Capabilities include:

  • API + Forward Proxy + Reverse-Proxy + Active-Sync Proxy + SAML Proxy
  • Zero-Day real-time control of any managed app
  • Zero-Day read-only control of any unmanaged app
  • Zero-Day real-time agentless AJAX-VM on any device
  • Zero-Day threat protection
  • Searchable, sortable cloud encryption
  • Custom app support
  • API visibility and control of data-at-rest
  • Agentless Mobile Security
  • Integrated identity control
  • Automated ShadowIT analysis w/100k+ apps


  • Effective cloud security requires complete visibility into every deployed resource along with absolute confidence in their configuration and compliance status. Our solutions take a unique approach to CSPM, going beyond just compliance or configuration management. Vulnerability intelligence from more than 30 sources provides immediate risk clarity while controls across the development pipeline prevent insecure configurations from ever reaching production in the first place.
  • CSPM provides:
    • Visibility, compliance, and governance
    • Cloud asset inventory
    • Configuration assessment (runtime)
    • Compliance monitoring and reporting
    • Infrastructure-as-code (IaC) configuration scans (IDE, SCM, and CI/CD)
  • Threat detection
    • User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA)
    • API-based network traffic visibility, analytics, and anomaly detection » Automated investigation and response
  • Data security
    • Data classification
    • Malware scanning
    • Data governance


  • The cloud native landscape is constantly evolving. New platforms and technologies allow organizations to deploy more rapidly and at greater scale than ever. Our solutions deliver full lifecycle protection across public and private clouds as well as on-premises environments. Organizations can easily integrate security into the leading continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) workflows, registries, and running stacks.
  • CWPP provides:
    • Host, Container and Serverless Security
    • Vulnerability management
    • Runtime security
    • Compliance management
    • Access control
  • Web Application and API Security
    • OWASP Top 10 protection
    • API protection


  • Traditional manual methods for determining least-privileged access make it difficult for security teams to keep up with the growing number of entitlements across cloud services. Our solutions continuously detect and automatically remediate identity and access risks across infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings. We discover all human and machine identities across cloud environments, and then analyze entitlements, roles, and policies.
  • CIEM provides:
    • Permissions visibility
    • IAM governance
    • Automated response
    • User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA)


  • Network protection must be adapted for cloud native environments while still enforcing consistent policies across hybrid environments. Our solutions detect and prevent network anomalies by enforcing container-level micro-segmentation, inspecting traffic flow logs, and leveraging advanced cloud native Layer 7 threat prevention:
    • Network visibility and anomaly detection
    • Identity-based micro-segmentation
    • Cloud native firewalling
    • Security Orchestration and Automation
    • Consolidated Visibility, Reporting and Management


  • While the cloud offers unparalleled flexibility, agility, and scale, it is not without its challenges.  Monitoring east-west traffic is notoriously difficult and creates critical blind spots. As network perimeters vanish and attackers grow more sophisticated, a lack of cloud visibility not only impacts your ability to monitor network security, compliance, and performance, it can leave you exposed to data breaches and other costly security vulnerabilities.
  • When visibility matters most, organizations trust our solutions to help them monitor and protect their public, private, and hybrid clouds. With a platform-agnostic architecture, containers/Kubernetes compatibility, and turnkey integration with leading security, application performance management (APM), and network performance management (NPM) tools, organizations can count on our solutions to secure their most critical vulnerabilities by delivering wide-ranging, actionable intelligence to the right tools at the right time.

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