NOTICE for Government Organizations!! 

Shared Services Canada has issued Click Networks a GC-wide Supply Arrangement (SA) vehicle for Forcepoint ONE Enterprise CASB solution.


Organizations are adopting a series of both managed and unmanaged cloud-based applications. At the same time, we have users’ devices moving outside of corporate control.  The result is a big security and compliance concern that traditional on-prem security controls cannot solve.  As a result, most organizations have a requirement for a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution. The objective of CASB is to enable the on-going adoption, use and delivery of SaaS cloud services by the GC departments. CASB will enable this by:

  • Enhancing the security posture of client services, applications, and data as they are transposed into public cloud environments
  • Enabling full visibility and monitoring of cloud environments to prevent, detect, and rapidly respond to cyber threats
  • Ensuring confidentiality, privacy, and safeguard data according to local policies and regulations.
  • The core pillars of CASB capabilities include, and are not limited to:
    • Visibility:  A Consolidated view of cloud services landscape; users, sanctioned applications, unsanctioned applications and cloud application risk registry
    • Data Security:  Prevent unwanted activity based on policy, data classification, user activity monitoring and enforcement
    • Threat Protection: User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA); anti-virus protection, malware identification and remediation; threat feed intelligence and collaboration
    • Compliance: Enforcement of cloud compliance standards (PIPEDA, PIC-DSS, etc.); Zero Trust access, Adaptive Access Control (AAC) and custom DLP policies pertaining to data protection.

 Multi-mode Next-Gen CASB deliver management, security and Zero-Day protection. CASBs dynamically adapt to deliver protection for known and unknown data leakage risks and malware threats, on any app. Multi-mode CASBs have dual architectures and can operate in agent-based or agentless mode. Agentless mode enables rapid deployment, and is fully interoperable with existing infrastructure such as Secure Web Gateways.


Key CASB capabilities include:

  • API + Forward Proxy + Reverse-Proxy + Active-Sync Proxy + SAML Proxy
  • Zero-Day real-time control of any managed app
  • Zero-Day read-only control of any unmanaged app
  • Zero-Day real-time agentless AJAX-VM on any device
  • Zero-Day threat protection
  • Searchable, sortable cloud encryption
  • Custom app support
  • API visibility and control of data-at-rest
  • Agentless Mobile Security
  • Integrated identity control
  • Automated ShadowIT analysis w/100k+ apps

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